LEJPT Information

Postfacto: Leonardo Journal of Sciences (or Leonardo J. Sci., Leonardo J Sci or simply LJS) opperated as an free (and freeware) open access journal from July 2002 to December 2018. It is closed (ceased) now.

The Leonardo Electronic Journal of Practices and Technologies (Leonardo El J Pract Technol abbreviated title) is an electronic open access journal under tutee of AcademicDirect Publishing House, AcademicDirect Organization.
The support of this journal is on server of Technical University at the address: lejpt.academicdirect.org
The target of LEJPT is to encourage technological and practical research announcements and to facilitate the access in scientific and technical specialized literature through especially promoting of scientific and technical original and valuable materials that are focused on forming and growing of practices and efficient technologies that are written in English.
The journal allow readers to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of its articles and allow readers to use them for any other lawful purpose.
One of the objectives of the journal is to promote and encourage the publicist activity of young researchers through promoting original and valuable materials of them.
The journal welcomes published original papers in subject area of technology (in general) dealing with algorithms and computer applications in practices and technologies.
Journal exists in Technical University with independent statute on publicist activity. The selection of the materials (original articles, works, reviews) will be was done by the executive editor, which will select the materials according to journal sections, will decided if the material can be published and will forwarded to one or more referents for handling the peer-review procedure.
The redaction engages that through promoting publicist materials will do with respect to Romanian Constitution, the Laws of Romania and University Carta. LEJPT is coming to confirm the strategic policy of information branch growing in Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.
The redaction address (correspondence address) is was: C414 room, 103-105 Muncii Bvd., Cluj-Napoca, 400641, Romania.

In the journal will be published papers on following research areas:
Mathematics, Informatics
Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry
Veterinary medicine, Zoology
Agriculture, Horticulture
Engineering, Environment
Education, Management

Artwork instructions
The autors must considered following instructions when prepaired the manuscript for submission: Submission procedure:
It is closed. The last issue is the Issue 33 (July-December 2018).
First of all: Authors which submit papers to LEJPT must be aware to do NOT submit same papers to ANY another journal (NOT before and NOT after) their submission to LEJPT. This issue aplies until the final decision is made (publication or rejection). Breaking of this rule produces as consequence AT LEAST no more considering for publication of any paper from the author. February 8, 2007.
Please prepare your manuscript according with the template DOC file.
Please consult the list of common mistakes before submit the manuscript!
The manuscripts no longer be submited to this journal.

Copyright information:
Please do not send papers already published elsewhere! Leonardo El J Pract Technol promotes integrity in research publication by following Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guideline.
Please be aware that all articles submitted to Leonardo El J Pract Technol are screening for plagiarism prior to enter in the reviewing process.
Articles published in Leonardo El J Pract Technol are subject to CC BY license.
This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. Author(s) do not retained rights.
The papers of any authors who did not complied with all above are not considered for publication.

Editorial information
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