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+ Issue 33, July-December, 2018 (current issue)

   picture taken from "New approach for optimizing friction stir welding in aluminium composites"

+ Issue 32, January-June, 2018

   picture taken from "Development of an adjustable multi nut tighter or remover for car tyre"

+ Issue 31, July-December, 2017

   picture taken from "Key parameter values in a linear programming model for oil refinery production planning"

+ Issue 30, January-June, 2017

   picture taken from "A new design for a robust fractional Smith predictor controller based fractional model"

+ Issue 29, July-December, 2016

   picture taken from "Evaluation of bearing capacity and settlement of foundations"

+ Issue 28, January-June, 2016

   picture taken from "Bandwidth enhanced electromagnetic bandgap structure structured closed ground monopole antenna"

+ Issue 27, July-December, 2015

   picture taken from "Fourth Zagreb index of Circumcoronene series of Benzenoid"

+ Issue 26, January-June, 2015

   picture taken from "Design and analysis of high gain array antenna for wireless communication applications"

+ Issue 25, July-December, 2014

   picture taken from "Electrochemical determination of phenol at natural phosphate modified carbon paste electrode"

+ Issue 24, January-June, 2014

   picture taken from "Drop Weight Impact Studies of Woven Fibers Reinforced Modified Polyester Composites"

+ Issue 23, July-December, 2013

   picture taken from "Dynamic Thermal Rating for Overhead Lines: Self-Adaptive Protection Device"

+ Issue 22, January-June, 2013

   picture taken from "Morphology and Hardness Improvement of Lead Bearing Alloy through Composite Production: 75Pb-15Sb-10Sn/ 15% V/V SiO2 Particulate Composite"

+ Issue 21, July-December, 2012

   picture taken from "Extraction and Characterization of Chitin from Nigerian Sources"

+ Issue 20, January-June, 2012

   picture taken from "Numerical Simulation of Steady State Conduction Heat Transfer during the Solidification of Aluminum Casting in Green Sand Mould"

+ Issue 19, July-December, 2011

   picture taken from "VLSI System Implementation of 200 MHz, 8-bit, 90nm CMOS Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) Processor Controller"

+ Issue 18, January-June, 2011

   picture taken from "Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System based DVR Controller Design"

+ Issue 17, July-December, 2010

   picture taken from "Adaptive Fuzzy PI of Double Wheeled Electric Vehicle Drive Controlled by Direct Torque Control"

+ Issue 16, January-June, 2010

   picture taken from "Detection of Weak Spots in Benchmarks Memory Space by using PCA and CA"

+ Issue 15, July-December, 2009

   picture taken from "Neuro-Fuzzy DC Motor Speed Control Using Particle Swarm Optimization"

+ Issue 14, January-June, 2009

   picture taken from "Corrosion Behavior of Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steels in Lithium Bromide"

+ Issue 13, July-December, 2008

   picture taken from "Synthesis and Characterization of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester by In-Situ Transesterification in Capparis Deciduas Seed"

+ Issue 12, January-June, 2008

   picture taken from "Impact of Wind Power on the Angular Stability of a Power System"

+ Issue 11, July-December, 2007

   picture taken from "Investigation of the Inhibitive Effect of Pyrazolo [3, 4-b] Pyridine on Corrosion of Stainless Steel in 1 M HCl Solutions"

+ Issue 10, January-June, 2007

   picture taken from "Voltammetric Detection of Diquat at the Carbon Paste Electrode Containing a Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2"

+ Issue 9, July-December, 2006

   picture taken from "Fantasmagoric Fulleroids Revisited"

+ Issue 8, January-June, 2006

   picture taken from "Molecular Descriptors Family on Structure Activity Relationships 6. Octanol-Water Partition Coefficient of Polychlorinated Biphenyls"

+ Issue 7, July-December, 2005

   picture taken from "Dynamic Compensation of the Reactive Energy using a Fuzzy Controller"

+ Issue 6, January-June, 2005

   picture taken from "Binomial Distribution Sample Confidence Intervals Estimation 10. Relative Risk Reduction and RRR-like Expressions"

+ Issue 5, July-December, 2004

   picture taken from "Binomial Distribution Sample Confidence Intervals Estimation 7. Absolute Risk Reduction"

+ Issue 4, January-June, 2004

   picture taken from "Binomial Distribution Sample Confidence Intervals Estimation 6. Excess Risk"

+ Issue 3, July-December, 2003

   picture taken from "Binomial Distribution Sample Confidence Intervals Estimation 2. Proportion-like Medical Key Parameters"

+ Issue 2, January-June, 2003

   picture taken from "SQL by Example. 1. Application for High School Bachelor Examination"

+ Issue 1, July-December, 2002

   picture taken from "Graph Theory. 2. Vertex Descriptors and Graph Coloring"